This is a blog to encourage you to use your exceptional education in the Humanities as foundation for a business career. But that probably wasn’t what you had in mind when you decided to major in English. You might even consider that a future in business is not only not what you had in mind but philosophically or morally or culturally so far from what you were thinking you wonder how you could ever reconcile the two, even if you were so inclined.


Whether you decide to embark on a career in commerce or not, business will be part of your future in at least some measure. If you’re a writer, and a publisher says “yes” to your manuscript, there’s a whole commercial aspect of book production and marketing you can’t live without. If you undertake a book project, you’ll need to know how to negotiate a contract with a research partner or if you’re teaching, you’ll want to wangle a better salary and know how to manage your relationship with the boss.


Face it: Business is an infrastructure we live within. That is not, of course, the same thing as putting all your energy and aspirations into a career in business or leadership, but it is a reality for anyone who plans to make any money doing anything, whether in the for-profit or nonprofit world.

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