ba in english

I’m sorry I didn’t notice this before today, but SUNY Geneseo posted an editorial a couple of weeks ago about the limitless possibilities available to English majors.  “College Must Do Better Job Directing English Majors to Career Opportunities” appeared in The Lamron, their student newspaper, on March 11.  The centerpiece of the author’s argument is this:  “Because the major is so broad, there is a wealth of possibilities for students graduating with a degree in English.”

The author (who isn’t identified beyond the byline “staff editorial”) makes the point that English majors aren’t often made aware of their career potential.  Unlike business and education majors, who are pretty sure what lies ahead, English majors get little career guidance.  Job fairs, he (or she) says, aren’t for them.  They’re for people whose futures are much more the “safe bet.”

“What can you do with a degree in English?” is an ever-popular question.  The author suggests a better question:  “What can’t you do with a degree in English?”

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I agree completely.

Here’s the full editorial:


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